The Blanket of Christmas Future

Image It may be August, and it might be the first day of school tomorrow, but today I'm planning for Christmas. That's right, Christmas. Now before you go all "One Holiday At A Time Please" on me, just know that I've paid my dues by working in a very large craft and hobby store. I've hung more Christmas ornaments up in one year than you have in a decade. I've gotten full body workouts lifting plastic garland and ceramic Santas onto racks high over my head. I've become a professional ladder walker while ducking under support beams and holding splintery baskets full of stockings. So yeah. I get it. You don't want to hear about the commercialization of Christmas. Well I won't talk about it. In fact, this project you see above is going to be a made-from-the-heart present for my brother. It isn't a surprise because he picked it out, but he won't get to see the finished product until Christmas morning. My little brother loves Doctor Who almost as much as I do. When he saw this blanket, the very unmanly noise he made told me what I should plan on him for Christmas. Why so early you ask? I'm a planner. I'm always planning ahead. After checking out this pattern, and judging on how busy I will be this marching season (it's an advancing year for our band), I'd better start crocheting now. I printed out this pattern from Ravelry, and I'll try to update every so often on how it is going. I'm already planning on one addition to the pattern- I'm going to add a gray border all around the Tardis so that it's a true rectangle blanket with smooth edges. Wish me luck.