Whoops, it's February.

Okay, actually it's January 30th. I'm proud that I was able to blog at all in September. This school year just started yesterday and we're already preparing for prom and graduation. I can't believe how fast my second year has flown by! In the last few months, not too much has changed. I went on a crocheting spree and finished the TARDiS blanket for my brother. My mother and I did a craft show that totally failed miserably. My husband and I bought Nintendo DS for our 25th birthdays, because you can do whatever you want when you're an adult. I took up some seriously serious instrument repair and have fixed at least 9254 flutes since the last time I blogged. 

Now, we're on to new adventures! I'm going to my first TCEA conference next week, quickly followed by TMEA the week after. I'm exploring the world of web programming and grant writing. We're looking at doing a little DIY band hall renovation, so there is a whole lot of interior design and space management in my life as well. Perhaps the biggest thing is my venture into becoming a Google Certified Trainer. I've been interested since our training last summer. Our trainer was great, but the whole time I was thinking, "Oh. I knew that. I could totally do this." It isn't as simple as it seems though.

There are five extensive online tests over information that has changed frequently in the last few months. They finally revamped the website and testing system, so I'm ready to get started. Of course, I've gone and studied and learned more than I ever could about these subjects and I won't be able to take the tests until after TMEA. Bummer. I'm actually really excited about going to TCEA/TMEA though this year. 

Without blabbing on and on, that's basically what's going on. I'm going to start blogging more often, on more topics, and you'll likely see some changes coming to the blog very soon. I'd like to transition from just crafts and recipes and odds and ends to a more professional look. But, if you've read any of my posts, you know I'm too sarcastic to take anything too seriously. There will still be crochet fails and recipe wins, just alongside posts about teaching, music, band, and technology... and how the gosh dang iPad never wants to work in the band hall and just ERGHWHGWGN. You know that feeling. Yeah you do.