Snow Day Sun Day, and nail polish

We're currently experiencing a minor snowpocalypse today in North Texas. It's really quite beautiful outside, but I'm dreading this week at work. If it keeps going like it's going, We probably won't have school tomorrow and I have the school suburban left over from our weekend band event. The nice thing is that they don't make us drive back to the school to return it and drive back home unless someone needs that. Since I commute, that's an extra hour at the end of a very long day. Now, if someone needs it tomorrow, I'll have to drive there and back down a slick highway, which I'm not too excited about. I kind of hope it all clears up so we can have school on Monday, because on Tuesday morning I'm leaving for the TCEA conference in Austin. I really, really, REALLY don't want to be snowed out of this great chance to see what's going on in technology education. 


On an unrelated note, I'm loving my new nail polish addiction. It's really kind of a problem for me, but I'm okay with that. It could be a much more expensive addiction! I tend to stick to my favorite cheap-o nail polishes because they're dependable and often times, much nicer and better than one would think. I particularly like Broadway and LA Colors at Dollar General and Dollar Tree. They are $1 and always look great. I promise I'm not getting paid for this!

On the other hand, I've bought some very expensive nail polish recently as well. I had a Kohl's reward and have been eyeing essie's Lots of Lux since I first saw it. I've been looking for a good TARDiS-ey style polish for a while. This one is it! I used my reward and got the price down to $3.50 (because who spends $9 on polish!?). I was so excited... until I painted my nails. 


It's a texture polish and I didn't know it. Now, I was very disappointed because I didn't get what I was expecting. I didn't hate it, but when you think you're getting a cute sparkly polish and you get sand, it's kind of a bummer. Well, since I already bought it, I went ahead and painted all of my nails with two coats. After wearing it for two days, it has totally grown on me. The texture is fun and different, and I've been converted. I won't use it all the time, but it's something fun and different. 

This morning, I topped one of my nails with my OTHER new nail polish, Spectraflair, to see how it would look. Spectraflair is a beautiful holographic top coat that looks great over anything. It added a subtle extra level of sparkle to an already sparkley nail polish. It's hard to see without good sunlight, and the snow just reflects harsh white rays. 



Now, here's the part where you burn me at the stake for being a hypocrite. Spectraflair was like... $10. Now, I would pretty much never pay that much for polish, but the creator, Digital Nails, has some of the coolest polishes I've ever seen. They're all geek-themed and represent some of my favorite fandoms like Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and The Fifth Element. 

Digital Nails is owned by a fellow Texan, and I totally dig what she's doing, so I was more than happy to support her small business. As if I wasn't excited enough to get my nail polish, it came in the most adorable packaging! 


This was a group order of six polishes. She threw in a nail file, mustache glitter, and snowflake glitter for free! Too cute! Anyways, I've been totally impressed with this Etsy store. The owner probably has no idea I'm plugging her stuff, but I just can't help it. When I have been truly impressed by something, I want to brag on them! Go check her out!