Free Scale Sheets for Beginners!

Today's post will be a little off the general topic of technology. I'm a little (a lot) sad that I don't get to go to TCEA 2015 this year, and so I'm sulking. I just have to keep my head high for TMEA 2015 next week! If only I could go to both, I would be so happy... Anywho, I'd like to share with you something my district has used for years with beginners in band. We have a set of beginner-specific scales. They're only five notes and they include an arpeggio at the end. I've tweaked them a bit and provided multiple octaves for different classes or instruments. While I'd love to get kids going on a full scale right off the bat, the 5-note scales are great for teaching kids how scales work and getting them used to the idea of playing them off without overwhelming them with new notes. Here's a link to my current draft of scales. Feel free to download it and use it any way you see fit in class, but please don't repost it as your own. Just link your friends here! And, like I said, this is a draft. PLEASE let me know if you find any errors or could offer suggestions for improvements. Without further adieu,

Beginner Scale Sheets!