iPads in the Music Classroom: Canva and Aurasma Part 1

Thanks to an AMAZING technology incentive provided by my district, the band program has been awarded a set of 25 iPads to use in our class. As part of this program, as well as part of my T-TESS personal goals, I plan on sharing each and every lesson we use on here so that other educators can learn from our successes and failures.

My first lesson will be to get our students to educate their peers on what it is we do. In band, you can’t exactly hang our work on the wall in the hallway, but I’m looking to do just that. Using a combination of the apps Canva and Aurasma, I’d like to create virtual reality advertisements for each of our performances throughout the year. Hopefully, it will all work out smoothly, but if it doesn’t, I’ll tell you any pitfalls we encountered and how to avoid them.

I’d like to start this project on Friday, and I anticipate it will take 2-3 class periods to complete.

Lesson Plan:

Student groups will be assigned a performance from this school year. Each group will research the music performed and discuss the historical context, both the original composition and the performance. Once they’ve completed the guided worksheet, they will then create a poster featuring the performance and important information about it using the app Canva. After students have created their digital posters, we will print them to hang in the hallway. Once printed, we will use the app Aurasma to assign each poster a virtual video of the performance described.

TEKS Covered:

§117.313. Music, Level IV

(5)  Historical cultural relevance. The student relates music to history, culture, and the world. The student is expected to:

(A)  discriminate representative examples of music by genre, style, culture, and historical period;

    Include information on each poster for the piece’s genre, style, culture, and historical period.

(B)  evaluate the relevance of music to societies and cultures;

    Include information on each piece’s cultural references (For example, Charlie Brown Christmas is a piece based on a famous movie that is played around Christmastime)

(C)  define the relationships between music content and concepts and other academic disciplines;

    Display the historical context of each piece. List important mathematical relationships in the music.

(E)  analyze and evaluate the impact of technologies, ethical issues, and economic factors on music, performers, and performances; and

    Comment on the quality of video recordings, both from the user’s side and the performer’s side.

(F)  generate tools for college and career preparation such as curricula vitae, electronic portfolios, personal resource lists, performance recordings, social media applications, repertoire lists, and audition and interview techniques.

    Create a portfolio of musical performances from throughout the year