App Review: Show Me

Well, I've officially rediscovered my old-new favorite app. ShowMe is an iPad app, but also has website functionality. I used it at my previous school basically in place of a white board. We didn't have any sort of white or chalk board in the band hall, but we did have a large TV over the podium. After getting an Apple TV, we would pull up ShowMe and use it as a white board. We could draw rhythms, instructions, and whatever else we needed on there, and it really worked wonders. That was until today. I discovered a whole new world of use for this app.

ShowMe was designed to create and record lessons to share or send to your class. You can record your voice, drawings, and notations and upload them to the website if you wish. From there, others can search for your lessons if you make them available. Today, I started to poke around the music lessons. There are many available, and they'd be perfect to use for quick bell-ringers or days when you have a substitute. 

Just through a few searches, I was quickly able to find all sorts of teachers using ShowMe in some really innovative ways. My favorite by far is this video explaining an etude assignment. The teacher was able to upload a picture of the etude, notate over it, and record herself playing along with it. I am most definitely going to use this idea when All-State Etudes come out at TBA.

The final example I wanted to show you is just a sampling of the many ways teachers have used ShowMe for an assignment. Because the app records your voice, you can use it for playing tests. Many students uploaded their test with just their name and assignment written, but this one had exactly the sections she was playing. I'm not sure if the teacher required the musical examples or not, or if the student uploaded them herself, but either way, it's still a really cool idea. 

Don't stop here. There are a million more ways to use this app in the music classroom. Tell me how you plan to use this awesome resource in the comments!