Smore, Not Just For Newsletters!

Many teachers and administrators know about the Smore website and how useful it is to provide information in a newsletter format. All it takes are a few clicks and you can have a customized and professional looking flyer to send out to your band, your band parents, or the community. 

I HIGHLY recommend that you create a free account to check out all Smore has to offer. Here are Smore's Featured Flyers that you can browse through to see the different ways people have used this great program. Below are some band-specific ideas of ways you can incorporate Smore into your classroom communication.

Event- Create an event flyer for your concerts or fundraisers. Once you email them to parents, they can share them through email, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media. This can help reach more viewers and possibly raise attendance.

News Bulletin- Use Smore as a traditional newsletter. The features inside let you provide all sorts of information. For example, our summer band newsletter has our schedule, pictures of the required items students need to buy, links to our social media accounts, and an event link for our Hot Dog Supper.

Programs- If you'd like to train your parents and students into using more using more technology, look into making your program through Smore. You can include your pieces, your students' names, and pictures from various events through the year. Before the concert, post a large QR code with the link either near the entrance, on the door, or project it if your facility has that capability. 

Share Audio- Smore currently supports sharing SoundCloud files, so you can upload recordings of your band performing to share in a Smore with distant family who might not have made it to the concert. You could also use this feature for sharing reference recordings of pieces, exerpts, etudes, or student compositions. Just make sure you're abiding by all copyright laws when sharing music.

Share Video- Much in the same way you can share audio, you can insert YouTube videos into your Smore. Show videos from performances, or show student-created films. Use videos to teach easy concepts or go over information for upcoming trips. 

Insert Forms- Google Forms is the best thing ever, and you can insert forms you've created into your newsletter. This could be a great way to collect student or parent information, use it as a shirt order form, or as a sign up page for volunteers. 

What ways have you used Smore in your classroom or rehearsal hall? Share in the comments below!